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To book an appointment contact Mr Rauh’s secretary Becci by phoning  01722 435 151.
For Insured patients an authorisation code from your insurance company is required prior to treatment.  Occasionally a GP referral letter may be required as well. 

Out-Patient Appointment
Mr Rauh will see you and take a history from you. He will then examine your complaint and will organise any relevant investigations.   He will then follow up any special investigations and discuss with you options for treatment including any surgical procedures required.  


Pre Surgery
When a plan is agreed and you are listed for surgery, Mr Rauh's secretary will liaise with you to offer you a convenient date for your procedure. The hospital will contact you for a health screen prior to your procedure, and you may need to attend the hospital for pre-operative blood tests or an anaesthetic medical check-up. You will need to confirm with your Insurer before proceeding.


You will be advised what time to attend the hospital for your operation.  If you are undergoing surgery, it is likely that you will need to stop eating and drinking in advance of the surgery and you may also need to stop taking some medications. On arrival at the hospital for your procedure, you will be given the necessary paperwork and will be asked to sign a consent form for each procedure. At this time, you will also be introduced to your anaesthetist, who will be looking after you during surgery, and will discuss their anaesthetic plan with you prior to your operation.


Recovery Time
Your recovery time will depend on the type of procedure carried out and Mr Rauh will discuss likely time scales with you prior to surgery.



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